Queen of the Sea, epitomizes motherhood and rules all issues pertaining to women. She is among the most powerful and beloved of the Seven African Powers, the matriarch of the Yoruba spirits known as Orishas. The translation of her name, “The Mother Whose Children are Fish”.

Yemaya may be petitioned for: • Anything possibly considered a “woman’s issue” • Fertility and reproductive issues • Protection from domestic violence, which she despises • Protection when traveling over the sea Crystal: Aquamarine Offerings: Jewelery, Perfume, Flowers, Wet seedy fruits like watermelon & pomegranates, Duck, Lamb Dishes.

Each 8oz candle is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and small crystal chips for this specific deity.

Yemaya Ritual Offering Devotional Candle

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