Sobek is a deity of both personal and vegetative fertility, an erotic spirit who is the epitome of virility. Sobek bestows sexual prowess to men and fertility to women. He is invoked to help women in childbirth. Bringing his image into the birthing room allegedly eases labor pains and keeps predatory spirits at bay. If an image of Sobek is unavailable, the image of any crocodile or even the Egyptian hieroglyph representing crocodile is sufficient substitute.

Sobek is a crocodile and something of an ambivalent spirit. How you feel about him will derive from your feelings toward crocodiles. Sobek is a particularly ancient Egyptian deity.

Sobek was adored and beloved by some people but feared by others. Crocodiles, after all, are killers. They were the primary danger lurking in the Nile. Sobek rules the most powerful and dangerous aspects of water. Sobek protects those he loves or for whom he feels responsible, but he menaces others.

This parasoy candle is made in a glass container.

Each 8 Oz candle is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and crystal chips for this specific deity.

Sobek Ritual Ritual Offering Candles

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