Ancient symbol of wisdom and fertility, but in Christianity turned into a symbol of evil, the Devil, and Satan.
The serpent is one of the oldest, most universal, and most revered symbols in mythology and is also associated with wisdom, enlightenment, immortality, healing, renewal, magic, and the guardianship of hidden treasure. Numerous deities have been associated with serpents.

As a creature that crawls along the earth and lives in the ground, the serpent has connections to the underworld, the unconscious, and humankind’s instinctual drives. Mythical serpents guard the sleep of both the living and the dead; thus, they are creatures at the gateway to new consciousness.

Historic and modern day symbolism of Kundalini energy shows a coiled serpent resting at the base of the human spine. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are again symbols of rebirth, transformation, and immortality.

Some Crystals You Can Use When Working With Serpent Energy.
Awareness/Cosmic Consciousness:
Selenite. Labradorite. Apophyllite. Moldavite.
Transmuting/Releasing: Smokey Quartz. Charoite. Rutilated Quartz. Chrysocolla.
Balancing Yin/Yang Energies: Ametrine. Amazonite. Shiva Lingam. Rhodonite.

This listing goes for one 1oz bottle. 

Curio only

Serpent Protection Oil

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