Sagittarius ♐️ season is November 22-December 21.

Ruling planet is Jupiter.

Rainbow fluorite cleanses, stabilizes, and protects the aura. It improves physical and mental coordination.

The energy pattern of the Sagittarius ♐️ is idealization and study.

People who are Sagittarius ♐️ are argumentative, athletic, blunt, broad minded, enthusiastic, exaggerate, freedom-loving, gambling, generous, hot-headed, idealistic, impatient, just, missionary zeal, optimistic, philosophical, procrastinating, push, religious, scholarly, self-indulgent, straightforward, talkative.

Favorable timing for working with Sagittarius ♐️ energy is Thursday, hour of Jupiter, moon 🌙 in Sagittarius, sun 🌞 in Sagittarius ♐️, or new moon 🌚.

Use Sagittarius ♐️ energy for expansion, leadership, enlightenment, promotions, legal problems, learning, manifesting, and exams.

Sagittarius Zodiac Oil

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