Ra, in Egyptian mythology, the major sun god, often merged with the god Amun, forming the composite god Amun-Ra. He was the King of the Gods, on earth and later from heaven. One of the first acts of creation in Egyptian mythology was the appearance of Ra’s sun disk above the waters of Nun (chaos). Time was said to have begun with the first rising of Ra. Because the Egyptians believed that the sun was made of fire and could not have risen directly out of the waters of chaos without some means of conveyance, it was assumed that Ra made his journey over the waters in a boat.

The morning boat was called Matet (becoming strong) and the evening boat, Semktet (becoming weak). The course of Ra was said to have been mapped out by the goddess Maat, who was the personification of physical and moral law. In the evening after the sun had set in the west, Ra entered Duat, the underworld. With the help of the gods there he successfully passed through that region in a boat and appeared in the sky the next morning.

As he passed through Duat he gave air, light, and food to those who were condemned to live there.

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RA Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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