Oya is the woman warrior Orisha of storms, winds, and hurricanes. The winds she raises in West Africa manifest as hurricanes in the Caribbean. Oya presides over healing and necromantic divination. In Venezuelan Espritismo, she has dominion over justice and memory. she invoked for fertility, especially after chronic miscarriages. Oya may be the true mother of the Abiku, the child born to die. Oya manifests as a woman, an antelope, or a water buffalo. she wears nine copper bracelets.

Element: Fire
Offerings: Starfruit, black-eyed peas, purple plums, and black or purple grapes. Her favorite food is eggplant (9 eggplants are a great offering but if this isn't affordable slice one eggplant into 9 pieces.

This Roll On was designed to help establish a connection with Oya. Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend and fragrance.

Planet: Uranus, Dark Moon, Shooting Stars

The herbs used in this mixture are blend of Offerings To Oya.
Oya Enchanted Roll-On

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