Obatala, orisha of creation and healing, is the calm, cool spirit of serenity—a peacemaker and lawgiver. Obatala is the Just Judge, a spirit of righteous kindness and justice. He is gentle, wise, and incredibly patient.

Obatala was entrusted with crafting human bodies. The Supreme Creator breathes life into the forms Obatala crafts. The central tragedy of Obatala’s myth is that once, having drunk too much palm wine, Obatala either became careless or overly creative. He began crafting images that did not exactly correspond to the blueprint the Creator gave him. Obatala invented blindness and various birth defects.

In consequence, Obatala’s priests and devotees never drink palm wine. Obatala is responsible for the well-being of those considered his children: albinos, the blind, lame, or mute, and those possessing anything classified as a birth defect, whether visible or not.

Obatala is present in cool, white substances. Obatala owns everything white, including bones. The following contains his essence:

• Cascarilla powder (powdered white eggshell for magical and ritual use)

• Cocoa butter

• Cotton

• Kaolin clay

• Shea butter

• Snail slime, the moisture trail left by snails

• Pure white cloth

Obatala encourages his devotees to maintain their cool, just like he does. He favours those who are calm and collected, or at least striving to be. Bad tempers, rude outbursts, impatience, and unpleasant attitudes tend to distance him. (He won’t do anything mean to you; he’ll just stay away.) Obatala is invoked to help with anger and rage management by those who are sincere. (He’ll know.) Obatala is also invoked to calm tempers and situations so that clear-headed judgments may be formed or obtained.

• Obatala is invoked for favourable legal judgments and help with legal matters.

• Ask him to encourage others (like judges) to consider you with mercy and compassion.

• He is invoked to calm those who are angry with you, especially dangerous people.

• Obatala is syncretized to Jesus Christ.

Manifestation: Obatala is usually envisioned as an androgynous being with long white hair, wearing pure white garments.

Color: White

Animals: White elephants, snails, White Doves

Metals: Silver and white metals (white gold, platinum, titanium)

Day: Sunday

Sacred sites:

Obatala lives atop mountain peaks, especially those always dusted with white snow. Offerings may be delivered to him there.


Obatala drinks water, milk, and coconut milk. Do not give him palm wine. He accepts white rice, coconuts, bananas, white bread, white cornbread, white sugar, and white flowers. Extravagant offerings include charms or jewelry crafted from some of his more expensive metals.

Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend and fragrance.

The herbs used in this mixture are blend of Offerings To Obatala.

Obatala Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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