This roll-on was infused with the magical intention for Astarte.

Astarte means “The Womb”, title for Anat, title of the Cypriot goddess whose greek name is Aphrodite and completely independent spirit.

She is depicted as a beautiful ‘naked’ woman with horns holding lilies or sometimes wearing a Philistine helmet. A Phoenician statuette uncovered near Granada, Spain dating to the seventh or sixth centuries BCE. Flanked by sphinxes she holds a bowl beneath her breasts, which are pierced so that milk. place in the statuette flowed from her breasts into the bowl.

When working with Astarte consider Friday her day for doing active work, include offerings such as: Lilies, roses, sweet cakes, honey. Ornament your body with henna or honey. Places of tribute include but not limited to: Groves, Hilltops, and caves.

Astarte Enchanted Roll-On

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