Angel Of Compassion
The Lords Healer
Raphael, Regent of the Sun, is the archangel of healing. He is the star of the apocryphal book of Tobit, in which he performs miraculous cures and explains how to vanquish powerful demons. Raphael is the angel of joy, love, and compassion. He vies with Michael and Gabriel for title of Most Loved Angel.

Raphael is among the seven angels who surround the throne of Glory
Guardian of the tree of life
He may be angel with the flaming sword who guards the gates of Eden
He may be the guardian of the Holy Grail
Raphael is guardian of those born under astrological air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
Raphael is an acclaimed demon banisher, too he commands, compels, and banishes even the most formidable spirits.
Raphael allegedly protects anyone who calls upon him and invokes his name. He can heal any illness, ailment, or condition. His specialties include vision problems (literally or metaphorically). Raphael soothes and heals mental illness and he banishes nightmares.
Sun and Mercury Planets he resonates with.

Archangel Raphael Oil

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