Anubis may be interpreted as "Royal Child"!!
Anubis opens the path allowing spirits and humans to travel between realms. He serves as a guide if requested. Anubis will stand guard for you. Point his image in the direction of what must be protected or from whence you fear danger will emerge.
Anubis knows the date of everyone's death and may be petitioned to reveal it.
Anubis locates lost articles but only if you have a statue of him: touch his ears and request his help.
Anubis guards the dead, protecting against grave robbing and desecration. 
he guards mediums, ensuring that only benevolent spirits approach.

Animals: Jackal, dogs
Star: Sirius, the dog star
Offerings: Beer, wine, or spirits; give him macabre funeral and death themed toys and figures.

These wax melts were designed to help establish a connection with the Egyptian God of the dead & the underworld, Anubis. Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend and fragrance. The herbs used in this mixture are blend of Offerings to Anubis.

Made from 100% Soy wax

Anubis Wax Melt

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