Wadjet is a cobra goddess. Originally the guardian of the ancient city of Buto in the Nile Delta, she did her job so well, everyone wanted her for their guardian, too. She became the matron of Lower (Northern) Egypt and eventually the pharaoh’s own special guardian goddess. Wadjet is the uraeus (“rearing cobra”) on the pharaoh’s crown.

Wadjet heals, protects, and punishes via the power of snake venom (but exponentially so as she has the powers of a goddess, rather than a plain snake). Her other weapons include heat and fire. She is invoked for protection from snakesand from poison deriving from any source. Wadjet protects devotees against enemies.

Wadjet may appear as a cobra, a cobra with a woman’s head, or a woman with a lion’s head. She may also manifest as a huge, winged serpent wearing the Egyptian Crown of the North, or as a woman wearing that crown.

Fire Element
Plant/herb: Papyrus
Fav animals: snakes, lions, mongoose

Wadjet Enchanted Roll-On

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