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Introducing our remarkable product - Snake Skin Shed! How cool is this? This authentic snakeskin is sourced from a magnificent ball python. Rest assured, the skin was ethically obtained from a live and healthy snake, ensuring no harm was done to the animal.

This beautiful shed is visually stunning, making it perfect for various purposes. Whether you're a magician, practitioner of ceremonial work, or simply looking to adorn your altar or sacred space, this snakeskin is a fantastic choice.

Each package contains 1 gram of this exquisite snakeskin. Not only is it a captivating decorative item, but it also holds immense spiritual significance. Working with serpent energies, this shed is ideal for transformation, spell work, healing practices, protection, and attracting abundance.

Embrace the power and beauty of the Snake Skin Shed, and unlock the potential it holds for your spiritual journey.

Snake Skin Shed

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