Osiris Lord of the dead, fertility, and resurrection.

Green and black are the colors of Osiris. He is often depicted with either green skin or black skin. When his dead body is depicted, it often has an erect phallus.

Orion is his star. His symbols include the crook and flail of kingship, the atef crown, his own mummified form, a vessel of water, and the white crown of Upper Egypt.
The tet, a vertical column with four crosspieces representing the cardinal points, is one of his symbols. It represents stability and his backbone, and figured in the annual Raising the Backbone of Osiris ritual.

The ape, bull, ox, ram, pig, crocodile, griffon vulture, phoenix, and sphinx are all sacred animals of Osiris.

100% Soy Wax

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Osiris Wax melt

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