Ogun is the West African spirit of iron. He is iron. Hold a knife or horseshoe in your hand and you hold Ogun. Ogun is the patron of metalworkers who traditionally also serve as shamans, sorcerers, healers, and ritual leaders. Ogun is also the patron of anyone who works with metal in any capacity, including jewelers, surgeons, law enforcement officers, chefs, cab and bus drivers, soldiers and more.

Ogun is an artist, a master craftsman, a healer, and a workaholic. He epitomizes creativity and terrible destruction. He causes disasters and protects against them. Ogun is the spirit of birth and death.

He radiates fertility and creative energy. The knife that kills also cuts the umbilical cord. He is the hoe that opens Earth to bury a body.
• Place two pieces of metal together and anoint with red palm oil to summon Ogun.
• Offerings are traditionally left for him by railroad tracks.
• Tie a red ribbon around the base of a vehicle’s rearview mirror to invoke his aid.
Ogun’s altars are usually maintained with discretion in a cabinet or closet. An anvil or cauldron can serve as his altar or a repository for offerings. Make sure it’s a three-legged cauldron, not two.

Offerings: Flambéed overproof rum, trail of gunpowder set ablaze (be careful!), bullets, weapons, iron.

Red, black, sometimes green, sometimes red and white (the colors of heated iron), or blue and red (the colors of the Haitian flag)
Numbers: 3, 7

Day: Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday)

Planets: Mars, Earth (because iron is mined from Earth)

Creatures: Dogs, snakes especially black mambas and black-necked cobras, snails (snails’ liquid is traditionally used to heal circumcision wounds), crocodiles, and red roosters

Each 8oz candle is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and crystal chips for this specific deity.


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Ogun Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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