Since ancient times, the moon has been associated with woman and her fertility, monthly cycle, powers of nurturing and powers of darkness. The moon, ruler of the night and the mysteries of the dark, represents wetness, moisture, intuition, emotion, tides, the psychic, moods and madness. It embodies time, for its phases provided humankind with the first calendar. In contemporary Witchcraft, the moon is the source of Witches’ power, drawn down from the sky, it is the worker of Magic.
The Great Goddess, the mother Goddess, the AllDewy-One, is at her most formidable and potent as lunar deity.

The waxing moon is auspicious for crop planting and new endeavors, for luck and increasing; the waning moon is a time of diminishing and destruction. Lunar phases have governed magical rituals for the creation and consecration of magical tools, the summoning of spirits, the preparations of remedies and charms and the castings of spells.

Rules: Cancer

Weekday ruled by Moon: Monday

Listed Properties to consider when working with Moon Energy:
Unconsciousness, Emotions/Personality, Instincts, Habits, Moods and Desires.

This Oil is magically infused and intended for the use of helping with maintaining inner balance, emotional balance, shadow work, manifesting abundance or ones's desires.
Moon Planetary Oil

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