Shiva, lord of creation, destruction and death, destroys pain and sorrow. He is the lord of fertility
and a great healer, described as the greatest of all physicians. Deity of the forest, hunting and fishing. He is a patron of untouchables and demons.

Shiva is represented by phallic images. Standard iconography portrays shiva with blue skin, four arms, and four faces with three eyes each. his third eye located in the center of his forehead possesses the powers of creation and destruction. He may have two four, eight,
ten, or thirty-two hands. he wears the crescent moon in his hair.

Element: Fire
Herb: Cannabis
Colors: Blue, Crimson, Red Ochre, Saffron, Olive Green

Offerings: Flowers, Nuts, Fruits, Coconuts, Beautiful Thing!!

Shiva is propitiated by performances of mythic theatrical plays and productions.

This wax melt was designed to help establish a connection with Lord Shiva
Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend and fragrance.
The herbs used in this mixture are blend of Offerings To Shiva.

Lord Shiva Wax Melt

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