Struggling with those who wish to do you harm? Created by magick, its energy will protect you from those who want to destroy you or cause downfall. You can count on it to help you physically and spiritually. You may just find your behind-the-scenes enemies backing off when they encounter this power!

Protect yourself from negative energy and evil doers with this ceremonial oil. This ritual was built in the energy of the divine, in love, intent and manifestation. Each oil is charged in process by our own energy and infused uniquely to your situation. When using this oil and the candle burns it consumes your enemy, annihilating any and all attacks on your behalf. Nothing in this life is guaranteed but if you have strong determination and know what you want, PUSHIN UP ROSES will help you get there.

Each oil comes in a 1oz Bottled Container.
DAAAMN Ritual | Intention Oil

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