Each wax melt is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and crystal chips for this specific deity.

Michael is often referred to as The Captain of the Lord’s House; Prince of the Heavenly Host.

Michael is the head of the Lord’s Army. He crushed the Rebel Angels. Michael is the angel of righteousness, he does what is right. He cannot be bribed. He is allegedly among the few angels who know the Ineffable Name of Power.

Michael has dominion over fire magic and candle spells. He is an angel of fire safety, also invoked for safety at sea. He serves as a psycho pomp, escorting dead souls to the next realm and guarding them on their journey.

Michael is invoked for protection from anything that frightens you. If you are worried about safety of loved ones, Michael may be petitioned on their behalf.

Archangel Michael Ritual Wax Melt

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