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 Lebleu Apothecary is proud to present The Ancestral Soy Blend candle.

These candles were carefully crafted with magical intent and ancestral knowledge. The herbs and essential oils used in these candles are divinely chosen by the ancestors. This candle is infused with magical intent to help you establish a connection with your ancestors. At Lebleu Apothecary, we understand that summoning the ancestors is not a task that can be taken lightly.

This blend creates the sacred space to honor the ancestors as one calls upon them or communicates with them. It is believed that the messages from the ancestors come from the air and are carried on the wind. This candle helps build a connection with the wind to help communicate and allows for your ancestors to communicate you.

This candle was designed to help establish a connection with your ancestors. Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend that are divinely chosen by the ancestors. The herbs used in this mixture help open the atmosphere to the spirit realm.

Each 10.5oz candle is FIXED and charged with Magical intentions and oils, herbs, and small crystal chips for this specific intention.

Ancestral Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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