Oba is a powerful orisha who can provide for her devotees. She is Shango’s first wife because she is beautiful, independently wealthy, and smart. In attempting to assert her rights, she was outfoxed by the more devious Oshun or Oya. Love is Oba’s Achilles’ heel.

Oba is venerated as a goddess of love in Brazil but considered a guardian of prostitutes in parts of Africa. She is invoked to punish those who exploit loving hearts. Oba is the orisha of lakes and ponds. Offerings may be placed on a home altar or brought to the lakeshore and presented there. Oba is syncretized to Saint Rita.


Flowers, candles, wine, water taken from a lake or pond (don’t give her spring water or rainwater). If you would cook for her, she likes beans with onions and shrimp.

Each 8oz candle is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and/or crystal chips for this specific deity.

Oba Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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