Ganesha – Lord of New Beginnings; Lord of Obstacles; He Who Bestows Blessings

Elephant-headed Ganesha may be the most beloved deity of the modern Hindu pantheon; venerated by millions. He is invoked by Buddhists, Jains, and Neo-Pagans, too. He is benevolent and generous to all.

Lord of Beginnings, Ganesha’s blessings are sought before initiating any new enterprise. Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles, removing but also creating them, sometimes from anger but sometimes just to attract further veneration. The flip-side of Ganesha is that he must be propitiated before new ventures lest he place obstacles in your path.

Ganesha bestows success, victory, prosperity, material comfort, romance, love, better sex, and supernatural powers and skills to his devotees; however, he can block all these things, too, although he is unlikely to do so unless insulted and angered. Ganesha is a generous, sympathetic spirit, quick to bestow favours. He is a trickster, but on behalf of his devotees and those he loves. Ganesha has a fast, volatile temper, but he calms down quickly, too, and can be soothed and appeased.
Ganesha Ritual Offering Devotional Candles

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