Carry your spirit world with you on your next trip with a Travel Altar from Lebleu Apothecary. These beautifully crafted boxes have been designed to help you create sacred space and focus during any travel or life situation. Inside you'll find the tools needed for ritual - candles, incense, crystals, and more. Your Travel Altar is crafted and handmade from start to finish. Perfect for gifting to friends or keeping for yourself.

Travel altars are portable altars and can be placed anywhere (kitchen, living room, bedroom, workshop…). They were created in my search of a place to make effective  rituals without going to far out places. So they are portable, light and can be placed anywhere (on a table, tablecloth, shelf..) for personal reasons or to share your spirituality with others when invited. The Travel Altars are made for those on the path of mistisicm who wish to practice their rituals without having any materials or altars at all times.

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