Mars is the planet of ACTION energy. It governs over willpower and or wild activity. The Sun is titled as life and the Moon maintains it. Mars however brings the flame of energy into living matter and grants a bursting of spirit, stamina, courage, and daring.
The energy of Mars is primarily focused on existence. Mars is also the counterpart of Venus: war and peace, hatred and love! The energy of Mars, however, cannot be missed, it gives the energy to overcome things to continue.

Listed properties when using Mars energy: freedom, vitality, masculinity, courage, struggle, action, and war. It is the personification of the male, lover, soldier, pioneer, the captain. Everything that sticks, cuts, or penetrates is of Mars.

Uses of oil: Anoint petitions, Money (for protection or gain), office space, altar space and candles for self work or work on the behalf of others.

Great use for doing protection work!!

Rules: Aries

Weekday Ruled by Mars: Tuesday

Element: Fire

Crystal Chips and Herbs are chosen specifically for working with this energy.
Mars Planetary Oil

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