In honoring the Orisha (Eshu) Eleggua, this high vibrational blend of Essential Oils in this oil provides us with a means for opening the Gateways and Crossroads to help you connect with energies, meditate, and open pathways within and around yourself.

Eshu opens and closes roads. He is invoked to remove obstacles from your path and to obstruct enemies and misfortune so they can’t reach you. He is an intense trickster but also a force for justice. Eshu is a lover of truth. Nothing can be hidden from him.

Eshu Elegbara mediates between people and the other spirits. Traditionally when one wishes to communicate with other spirits, one first asks Legba to open the door. He is the first spirit invoked in African-Diaspora spiritual ceremonies. Legba opens the gate for the other spirits to follow.

Gates and Crossroads Oil

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