Hanuman, spirit of victory, heroism, and determination, may be a tribal monkey god incorporated into the Hindu pantheon. He is now an immensely popular and beloved Hindu deity with numerous shrines and temples dedicated to him. There are different versions of his birth:

• His parents are the King and Queen of Monkeys.

• He is the son of Anjani, an Apsara, and Vayu the Wind.

Hanuman is the divine child in the form of a monkey. Since earliest childhood, he Demonstrated extraordinary powers: he is brilliant, powerful, and a trickster. Once when he was hungry, Hanuman jumped up to catch the sun because it looked like a mango. Hanuman cannot be harmed by weapons, fire, or water. He is the hero of the Ramayana, the one who engineers the rescue of Sita.

Reciting the hymn Hanuman Chalisa allegedly earns Hanuman’s blessings:

Hanuman brings blessings of a clear, focused, unclouded mind. He removes obstacles from the paths of devotees. He protects against traffic accidents. His image is placed on mountainous or winding roads to provide safety for travelers. It may also be placed within the vehicle.

Hanuman is renowned as a celibate ascetic and for providing women with blessings of fertility.

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