• He is the Divine Child, whose safety must be ensured at all cost.

• He is the crowned, conquering child hero.

• He is the heroic warrior who battles for his birthright.

• He is the wise, just ruler.

By the Fifth Dynasty, if not before, Egyptians were producing white and red wines known as the Left and Right Eyes of Horus, respectively.

Horus is a solar spirit from the Nile Delta worshipped in the form of a falcon. The sun and moon are his eyes. His name derives from a root word indicating “shiny-faced”: he is a warrior spirit of light. Horus serves as intermediary between people and spirits. He leads souls into the presence of his father, Osiris, Lord of Death. Although Horus has wives, he rules alongside his mother, Isis. Horus may be invoked to intercede with his mother or vice versa.

The image of Horus in his mother’s arms or nursing from her breast may be the prototype for the beloved image of Madonna and Child. Horus is often depicted dominating or killing serpents, crocodiles, and hippopotami, animals sacred to his rival and nemesis, Set. An image of Horus on horseback spearing Set may be the prototype for the image of Saint George and the dragon.

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