Eleggua is the master of the crossroads. He is the lord of communications, guardian of gates. He is the owner of all roads, paths, and thresholds, literal and metaphoric. He owns the highway, the path to your door, and the Road to Success.
Eleggua is venerated throughout West Africa. He is incorporated into different pantheons, and thus different myths are told of him; however, his essence remains the same. Because he is venerated by different cultures with different languages, different variations of his name exist: Eshu, Elegba, Legba

Eleggua opens and closes roads. He is invoked to remove obstacles from your path and to obstruct enemies and misfortune so they can’t reach you. He is an intense trickster but also a force for justice. Eleggua is a lover of truth. Nothing can be hidden from him.

Each wax melt is FIXED and charged with Magickal intentions and oils, herbs, and crystal chips for this specific deity. 

Eleggua Ritual Offering Wax Melt

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