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Bleu Magick is currently our largest subscription box. Each month, the subscriber will get a different set of items to perform a complete ritual for that specific month's theme. Each kit is different but will all include at least one full sized 10.5 Oz candle ($29.99), multiple herbs/incense ($15-$20 worth), crystals ($15-$20 worth), grimoire pages ($3/each), a secret magickal item or divination tool ($20-$50) and more.

This subscription is even more valuable in that the subscribers get to participate in a monthly FREE ritual hosted on the Le'bleu Apothecary Facebook group.

Each box is gift friendly!

The Value of this box exceeds the asking price.

Subscriptions ordered between the 1-15th of the month will have that months subscription box. Orders placed after the 15th will receive next month’s subscription box.

Bleu Magick Subscription Box

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