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This kit includes 1 wooden box with handle and closure for easy carry. The inside is a picture of my interpretation of Oshun encased in Epoxy for protection and durability. 1 small Oshun statue. 1 eleke. 1 citrine. 1 small candle (dressed). 1 sage bundle. 1 Palo Santo stick. 1 Oshun Herbs. 1/2 oz Oshun offering oil.

Large kit has full size Oshun Statue, 1 Eleke, 1 citrine, One 6 Oz candle (dressed), 1 Sage Bundle, 1 Palo Santo Stick, one 5 Oz Oshun herbs, one 1 oz Oshun offering Oil.

Each kit is made to order and will vary in design as they are intuitively handmade. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks production time.

Small is 5.5 in. X 8 in.
Medium is 7.75 in. X 9.5 in.
Large is 8 in. X 12 in.

Oshun Travel Altar Kit

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