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Odin is the leader of the Aesir spirits, the Lord of Asgard. Devotion to Odin once spread across the entire Germanic and Norse world. Spirit of war, wisdom, and death, Odin is lord of ecstasy, shamanism, and esoteric wisdom.
He is a patron of poetry, magic, and the heroic dead.

The word god (in German, Gott) may derive from one of Odin’s epithets.

He may be a deified hero and ancestor. Myths—for instance the Volsung Saga, source material for Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle—describe Odin as the ancestor of heroes. He is the progenitor of royal families. England’s Saxon kings claimed descent from him.

Odin loves women, knowledge, and hospitality. He is a spiritual seeker himself. His thirst for occult wisdom is endless. He willingly traded one of his eyes for a mouthful of water from the Well of Wisdom and Knowledge.

Freya is described as his first teacher. She taught him charms and spell-casting, but ultimately his quest for occult wisdom is solitary. Freya whispered to him of the runes, lost in the misty realm of the Vanir. Determined to apprehend, comprehend, and master them, Odin pierced himself and then hung for nine days and nights in shamanic ritual on the World Tree. He died a shamanic death in order to be reborn as the rune-master. The Tarot card The Hanged Man may depict this ritual, not a literal hanging.

Odin’s curiosity has no bounds and he refuses to be constrained by boundaries of any kind. Following Balder’s death, Odin went to live among the Saami. He refuses to be bound by gender restrictions. Odin is curious and respectful toward what was traditionally considered women’s magic. He is not ashamed to learn from women.

This wax melt was designed to help establish a connection with the Norse God Odin.


Odin Wax Melt

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