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Ochossi’s hunting skills indicate his ability to provide for his devotees. Hunting is also interpreted metaphorically. Ochossi is a sentinel, warrior, guardian, and law enforcement officer. As a spirit of justice, he hunts down malefactors.
Ochossi’s name derives from a root word for secret. Some translate his name as “Left-Handed Sorcerer.” He is a great magician who knows everything about the powers of the forest and botanical power in general. Ochossi makes deadly arrow poison and its antidote. He is a master healer, when he chooses to be. Ochossi’s arrows never miss their mark.
Ochossi is Obatala’s scout and spyboy; his chief of surveillance. Ochossi owns prisons, places where people are caught and trapped. He has dominion over confinement, especially solitary. He is petitioned to liberate from prison and to prevent imprisonment. As a spirit of justice, he may be invoked to capture and imprison someone, too.
Those who fear incarceration may invite Ochossi’s presence with an altar dedicated to him: invite him to please live in your house so that you don’t have to live in his (jail).
Ochossi may manifest as a traditional African or Native American hunter. He may also appear in modern dress, but there will be some sort of clue as to his true identity: a necklace of teeth or bow-and-arrow cufflinks.
Bow and arrows, handcuffs, antlers
SPIRIT ALLIES: Considering he is a solitary hunter, he has many allies: Ogun, Osain, Obatala, Eshu Elegbara, Erinle, Oshun, Logunedé, Jurema
DAY: Depending on tradition, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, as well as the fourth day of each month.
NUMBERS: 3, 4, 7, 11 (again depending upon tradition)
Feast: 20 January, Feast of Saint Sebastian
COLOURS: Usually brown and lilac, but different traditions associate him with other colors, including blue, green, teal, yellow, or red.
Plants: Brambles and other thorny, spiky thickets
Ritual: Offerings for Ochossi are traditionally left at the thresholds (doors or gates) of police stations, prisons, or any other building perceived as a house of incarceration, but make sure that this action does not contribute to arrest, capture, or incarceration. (The goal of working with spirits is to improve your life, not increase your problems.)
ALTAR: Decorate with antlers, horns, feathers, and animal print fabrics. Antlers may be wrapped in silk. Offerings are sometimes placed on a cloth or mat on the floor.
OFFERINGS:Ochossi has simple taste: he likes roasted peanuts, trail mix, honey, jerky, and corn cooked with coconut. Stir honey and cornmeal into a glass of milk for him; offer anisette or cachaça plus tobacco products, handcuffs, manacles, traps, or bows and arrows. A lavish gift is a ritual bow and arrow made of brass or fine metal.

This 10.5oz candle was designed to help establish a connection with the Orisha Ochossi. Infused with magical intent and essential oil blend and fragrance.

Ochossi Ritual Offering Devotional Candle

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