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The serpent is a potent symbol of healing, which also is part of the transformation process. Asclepius, the Greek god of healing, appears in the form of a serpent, and domesticated serpents were kept at the sacred healing temples of the first rate world. Dream experiences were part of the healing therapies at temples and it was especially good to dream of serpents.

Serpent in Dream Symbolism

To be bitten by a serpent in a dream can represent an initiation or an infusion of wisdom being “bitten” by a new awareness, a gift from the gods. It is the equivalent of an injection administered by a doctor when administered a substance that will bring about some kind of healing or new spiritual awareness.

To be stalked or pursued by a serpent intent on biting indicates that the unconscious is attempting to introduce something into waking awareness.

Treasures are that, which consists of not only wealth and prosperity but also that which we obtain according to our higher self for example you’re wanting to heal, open, maintain stability not only in the physical but also in the spiritual, this is where the treasures lie, so wanting to obtain better finances but you’re in need of some work to be done within to vibrate on a better frequency for money.... this oil will help with that or lets just say you want to activate certain chakras or heal, this helps with magnifying the energy and work so whatever your intention is as far as the work required (the real treasure) this is where the oil helps and assist.

Curio only

Everlasting Treasures Oil Blend

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